Issues Remain from 6/14 Outage?

Hello, I have been having issues with my sense from 6/14 on to today. Sense is online but not returning a reading on power usage. The bubbles that appear are from h110 devices that are plugged in but they all report 0 watts power draw. I submitted a ticket Monday evening but haven’t heard anything so I figured that I’d post here in case anyone else had a similar issue. This screenshot shows the issue.

Hey @senseinaz. Support is definitely the right avenue for this. Checking in on your ticket now and will see to it that someone gets back to you. We have a few people from the Support staff on PTO this week.

I’m seeing this from 6/14, wondering about status of data loss, or is this normal from time to time?

This shouldn’t be a common occurrence. Typically, when your monitor goes offline Sense will retain up to 8 hours of data that it saves locally. With the outage on Monday, we would expect to see that data backfill (hopefully by now.) If you don’t see this backfill in the coming days, I think you’ll still have this small gap in historical data.


@senseinaz Have you power cycled your monitor? I also saw this same behavior after the outage, but it started working a few days later, which I think coincided with a firmware update and monitor reboot. I’d give yours a kick if you haven’t already.

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I’ll give that a shot when I get home.

My data hasn’t come back from the outage either. I assume it’s gone.

As an update it looks like a power cycle of my sense fixed the issue. Thank you @pswired!


Just a heads up, when I have had an “outage”, I would reboot my wireless router and sense would reconnect with the lost data… if you reboot the sense monitor, I believe you may always lose that data you were missing.
I haven’t had to do this very often, so for all I know, you may have best results if you balance on your left foot during the wifi reboot.