Erratic behavior after power outage

My unit started reporting erroneous number after a power outage. Has anyone seen anything like that? What’s the solution (i’ve gotten in touch w/ tech support).

Something similar happened to me. I had a very brief power outage (about 2-3 seconds). My internet and router are on a UPS, but obviously the monitor lost power and rebooted ungracefully.

It took about one minute for the Sense to reboot and collect data again, but it lost about 15 minutes of data total before the power outage (and a few minutes after power returned). I contacted support and the consensus was that this was expected. Your case looks a little different, as it appears to have issues tracking after the power came back on

Zach responded to my support request with this:

“While Sense can store this data locally, the local storage on the monitor is volatile, meaning that any data that has not been uploaded to our servers will be lost in the event that Sense loses power. So, if Sense loses power during an outage, any data that had not yet been uploaded to our servers would be lost. Seeing a gap of this length would not be unexpected in this type of situation. As long as this is not something you are seeing too often, it should not have an impact on the overall Sense experience.”

What confused me, is that the 15 minutes of data before the blip happened was showing in the app at one point, since it’s continually uploading data (I was actively looking at the app when the power blip happened, and it was being reported up until the outage), so I’m not sure why exactly it was thrown out.

Brief power blips like this happen 2-3 times per day in the summer where I live, so it’s possible I can lose about 45 minutes of data every day. That’s slightly concerning

My take - whenever you see the monitor misbehaving and dropping data (Power Meter goes to zero for periods of time while connected to app), do a power cycle of the Sense Monitor via the dedicated breaker. That has cured most of my “monitor has gone crazy” issues.