My system went down this morning :(


For the first time in ages, my Sense unit went down this morning and would not come back by itself. We had a momentary power blip this morning for about one to two seconds at most. It was enough to take down the internet, but that was about it. My router, modem and computer are on UPS, but the ATT Fiber to ethernet box outside is not. It took about four minutes for that to reboot. Everything else in the house on the internet recovered, except for Sense. Got an email it was down, and I ultimately had to power cycle the unit to get it to come back :frowning:



Mine acted like it went down this morning and the Sense app would not populate any of the screens. I was reluctant to flip the breaker because I didn’t want to cause a data loss. It eventually worked just fine and when I look st the power meter, there are not any dropouts. Apparently the monitor was communicating with the server just not from server to app

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Mine was down for over two hours, and I was not going to wait anymore. I tried to use the app to have it find the wifi but after five tries gave up on that and power cycled it to get it back.



Did you go back and look at your power meter on the trends page to see how much data was lost?
I have read that when power cycling it loses whatever data was stored in the monitor that didn’t get uploaded to the servers (up to 8 hours).
Mine gave me trouble for about 2 hours also. From approximately 8:15am through 10:00 am eastern time.