Missing power data after the SENSE monitor reboots (data drop-outs)

I have been noticing an usual anomaly after my SENSE monitor reboots.

We had a neighborhood power outage on:
9/4/2022 at 5:30 PM CDT (photo#1), and again at
9/4/2022 at 6:51 PM CDT (photo#2)

Both outages only lasted about 4 minutes. After the SENSE monitor rebooted, it recorded data, then there was a data drop-out, and burst of data was captured followed by a 2nd data drop-out. Normally I just check to see that my monitor has rebooted successfully after a power outage and data is being recorded. I don’t do a detailed expanded ‘Power Meter’. There is about a 3-minute segment of missing data prior to my power outage, but I am going to assume that the SENSE monitor had not transmitted that data just prior to the outage.

Has anyone else noticed this type of behavior when their monitor reboots?

I rechecked my data 16 hours later after the ‘reboot’ and I still see the same missing data.

I was told by support that because of the volatile way data is stored, hard power cutoffs will lead to some data loss.

I’m sure they have a technical reason for it. This affects me, because sometimes we get 2-3 second blips a few times per day, and it causes me to lose 15-30 minutes of data each time the power goes out for a split second (enough to cause the monitor to hard reboot). Even if you had the app open and it’s reporting in realtime while it happens, data is lost for a chunk of time when the monitor hard powers down. This leads to lower than normal usage readings for me, if I lose 15 minutes of data during a high usage period

I wish they could do something about it, but I doubt it. Hopefully a Sense employee will have more insight than me


Thank you @portfolioso for confirming that other users are seeing the same issue.

In my 1st post I gave 2 examples where after a power outage and a monitor reboot, there were data drop-outs.
I have a 2nd example where after an automated firmware update on the monitor and a reboot, the same issue is present. There were 2 data drop-outs following the monitor reboot. This occurred with version

This seems to be a recent problem. I haven’t noticed this until just recently -or- maybe I haven’t had as many reboots as you have had.