SENSE did not notify me after a brief power outage

We had a 1-sec power outage on 10/3/2023 at 10:14 AM due to an electrical storm.
I manually restarted the SENSE monitor on 10/4/2023 at 10:29 PM.

SENSE did not notify me via email or a phone notification after the usual 1-1.5 hours of failing to receive data (communications lost). There is no 2nd attempt (or follow-up reminder) when a failure occurs.

I am disappointed. I have lost 36-hours of data. Unfortunately, I did not have the 'notification history’ on my phone turned ‘ON’ to prove my point. I did have the SENSE APP ‘notification’ enabled (Allowed). I should have received an alert.

Copying: @JamesDrewAtSense @JuliaAtSense
I didn’t enter a ticket since there is no method to restore lost data.


Hi @Dcdyer, I would recommend filing a ticket so I can get this seriously investigated on our end and be able to ask follow-up questions.

With that said with some older monitors (those with the M serial number), if they are knocked offline, a reboot/restart will be required to get them back online.

If you file a ticket request it be forwarded to me James Drew, and I can investigate further and do some more follow-up.

Thanks again!


To: @JamesDrewAtSense
I entered a support ticket #375654 on 10/9/2023 at about 10:50 AM.

Normally I receive a quick-reply automated email message that the SENSE Support server received my ticket.
At 10/9/2023 3:00 PM CDT, I still have not received my automated email reply.

Maybe this is a clue as to why I didn’t receive my ‘lost communications’ email alert or phone notification on 10/3.

My problem is with the failure on the alert messages. I’m not trying to resolve why my monitor did not automatically reboot after the power outage. I included your name on my ticket. Thanks for the follow-up.

Hi @Dcdyer

I replied to your ticket. I just needed time to investigate it.

Thanks for your patience.



I’m just popping in here to let folks know the engineering team informed me the fix for this issue has been deployed. If you don’t receive a notification when your monitor is offline, let me know so I can investigate the issue.

Thanks again for your patience while we work to resolve your issue. Have a great day!