Technical Issues?

Annnndddddd… it’s gone again …

Same with me for the last couple of days. The live view seems wot be working, but all the historical views under dashboard won’t load.

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Screenshot from 2024-02-21 08-31-55
First update since the announcement there IS an issue, nearly 24 hours later

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I just was able to pull up some hours of today:

Everything before that is still MIA


I was not able to do that again afterwards.

I’m surprised this is still an ongoing issue. I started to have intermittent loading issues starting on Friday February 16. I only know this because I was away from home and checking on the solar bank and ensuring nothing was coming on that I intended to keep off. At the time I was chalking it up to VPN use and Hotel WiFi or spotty cellular service. It got progressively worse over time. As documented by my Home Assistant energy dashboard, I only have intermittent data on Monday February 19, and no data logged at all since Tuesday February 20.

I can only load instantaneous bubbles and meter data, no historical data of any kind.

Are some people not having any issues at all? Maybe a majority of users just check their Sense data when they get an email from Sense?

A weird side note about Sense since this data issue has popped up for me is that Sense is identifying a bunch of devices that I assumed it never would. Maybe it is just a coincidence, but I’m wondering if they rolled out some more aggressive AI that took a big hit on their CPU usage and the client API for historical data is the lowest priority. I have only had sense since just before the first of the year, but it had not detected anything new since 2/7, then boom, yesterday it found 4 devices.

Another odd thing: the forum is telling me in a side bar to the right that “This topic is solved” etc. I guess it is solved in that we know there is a problem, but the problem is certainly not solved…

Sense is a pretty cool tool and packs a lot of punch into a reasonable package. I think the obvious elephant in the room is the “cloud only” interface. I’m already reading my water meter and gas meter using an SDR antenna with Home Assistant. I also have local access to my solar data via the Enphase Gateway. However, I currently cannot get access to my Itron G5R1 Net Meter. If I could get that working I could use Sense for the AI features when they work and get that immediate satisfaction from the instantaneous data when I need it. All historical data could be locally stored and managed.

For now, how are more people not screaming about this issue?


^ This!

it is now down 48 hours for everyone.
This is not a good show case for Sense.


Perhaps few are screaming because we have seen problems like these multiple times a year, resolution seems to only focus on addressing symptoms, but not solutions (given that it happens time and time again), and that customer service, let alone screaming at them, is generally not useful in solving the problem or keeping us informed.

The status page, as observed tells us very little. Once the issue has gone away, we never get any information about root cause and what is being done to address that so it won’t happen again (as it does). If, somehow, these root causes are being addressed I wonder how many serious problems there are such that despite true fixes, the problem (as we users experience it) does not seem to be truly quashed and we’re only one unknown trigger away from a reoccurrence.


When I first got my Sense installed, when it “went down” or had problems, I would immediately assume it was either my local environment (i.e., my network, my ISP, my wi-fi strength, etc…) or the device itself. I would troubleshoot locally, including power cycling or rebooting my Sense device.

Every single time (not 99% of the time, but 100% of the time) I ended up finding out that it was a central infrastructure problem. So now, when my Sense gets “whacky”, I immediately visit this forum site and I always find a thread like this one.

I used to reply and add my 2¢, but more often than not I just note that the problem has been reported and is being worked on and I go about my day, checking back here (and on the service status page) occasionally until the problem gets fixed.

That said, I should probably reply and add to these threads so that users and Sense knows the extent of the problem and that another user is impacted. I think we all probably should do that moving forward.

So for the record: I am experiencing the issues noted in this thread.

And now I wait patiently as the Sense team figures out what’s going on and fixes the situation.


I screamed about it earlier this week. Support said the outage is related to server upgrades. But that was several days ago, so I dunno.


And of course they will not adjust this AFTER they have this fixed:

That would be BAD marketing.

Well it is day 5 for me with the “Sense server returned an error” issue. Are there any Sense users out there with no issues? I have a message on this chat that it was solved by dannyterhaar in post #16. So is it solved or not.

I think this stuff is all automatically measured - and “Down” is categorized as something far worse than what we’re seeing right now. In my mind Average API response time is the best proxy we have for whether things are improving or not.

This seems to be the week for outages. Was just looking at the user reported outage affecting AT&T Cellular users, and it looks like there is something more widespread going on.

Wish there was a way to go back more than a day with this for AT&T and more specifically for Amazon AWS, which is used by Sense.

If I look at Downdetector for AWS, it looks like most of the issues are being reported for US-east, presumably where Sense is mostly hosted.

I think this stuff is all automatically measured - and “Down” is categorized as something far worse than what we’re seeing right now.

You meant the current actual readings would be down ?
404 on the webserver ?
Since 2AM there have way more BGP annoucements on their edge routers.
Hours earlier before the media reported the mobile outages.
As you can see history there, I am pretty sure the Sense situation has nothing to do with ATT.
If they were hosted by ATT, even the main page with current information would not be available.
It is clearly a database for historical data that is acting up.

But want to make a bet they will not adjust the uptime page manually even after multiple days of down time ?

Unfortunately, the industry practice is to list systems as up unless there are catastrophic failures. Even though there was a huge peak in user-reported issues at AWS today, and a known issue, all the systems get green checkmarks.

I wouldn’t expect a retroactive update based on other metrics than what they were originally using - the data is the data.

I wasn’t suggesting that the Sense issue was directly related to the AT&T issue - Sense would be much more closely tied to AWS operations. But the AT&T outage led me to the issues being reported for AWS.

Well they claim a fix is in place but i dont see it…

Nothing yet

This is something I have never experienced before so much time with an issue like that his

Yes I saw the message of the fix as well and nothing is working sometimes it does not show network error just show that the system was offline

On my desktop I was able to get yesterdays data visible in a browser:

No information of today yet

@kevin1 - First, I want to recognize you for all you do for the community. You’ve been here since I purchased my Sense and you have always been super helpful, and always a great ambassador for the Sense community. I say this in advance because I don’t want you to feel like I am attacking you, or what you’ve said. You are super valued and I really appreciate your presence in this community.

While I understand your statement/excuse that this is “industry practice” (and I am not sure whether this is actually true or not), I think taking the stance that “if it ain’t red, then it’s green” approach is disingenuous and not helpful to the user community at large.

From a customer/user perspective, I’d say that our perspective is the exact opposite. I think that “if it ain’t green, then it’s red”.

To @dannyterhaar’s comment about Sense’s overwhelming green status, having a status chart that shows green during a service “hiccup”, as well as showing a deceptive green status history when we all know that there have been minor and major issues that crop up make the status page almost unusable and meaningless. But as Danny says, it certainly looks great.

If it’s not “industry practice” to call something a “red status” outage except under the most dire of situations, then there should be a “Yellow” status that helps users know that while there is not a complete outage, that the service is experiencing unusual issues that are not indicative of a “Green” status.

In my opinion, Sense’ customers are largely respectful adults who are not expecting a service that never goes down. I think Sense’s technical support should feel comfortable treating us like adults and giving us the respect of transparency.

Honestly, I am fine with the Sense service going down once in a while. It’s a realistic expectation. What I am not fine with is knowing that the system is unusable (or partially unusable) and then coming to the Sense status page and seeing the board all lit up in Green. A quick glance to see that the service is in “Yellow” status would allow me to quickly determine that “it’s not me” and not waste my time trying to do all kinds of local troubleshooting. I would quickly be informed that your support team is aware of the situation and is diligently working on a fix.

Anyway, again @Kevin1, none of this is targeted at you. I think you are doing a tremendous job, especially since your role is as a volunteer. Keep up the good work.

And to the product support team and Sense’s product management team, I continue to love my Sense device and your cloud service. I just wish that your service status page and updates were more useful to me.


Logging out then back in the app helped me get rid of most of those. It looks like the history is coming back, but only slowly.