Sense Down AGAIN?

Is anybody else’s sense offline like mine… Same thing that happened in April… HELP!

Mine has been up and down all morning.

Keeps going down. Will call CR Power again and will ask them if this is how sense actually works or better, doesn’t work. Total non"sense".

Mine died about 10 minutes ago, unable to even login the website.

Mine is down :disappointed:

Mine has been up and down again all morning on the app and website.

Check out the status page

I see a few API response time spikes but nothing else.

Friendly reminder, or new for some - many status pages like this one are not automatically updated. They may have components that are live (the Average API Response Time) for instance, but an outage event usually has to be declared and logged by the monitoring team. So just because the page may say operational doesn’t mean things are if the Sense team hasn’t detected the outage and officially opened an event.

That said, many of the outages people experience are API related which can be impacted by a bajillion different things, so yes, if you see an API latency spike around when you are having an issue, that is probably the cause. Many of them fix themselves, whether its an AWS issue, or a watchdog resets a stuck process, or something else.

The funny thing about this, as I type this, I see that the status page is actually now able to pull the realtime api stats, so :person_shrugging: