Anyone else having “offline” issues?

Over the last few days, mine has been offline a lot. No other network issues going on and wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same?

There was big temporary outage on Monday. I haven’t had any “offlines” since then, but the app and web app have been slow to display at various points in time. But it doesn’t look like I have lost any data.

There’s also a new firmware update passing through the user base - that will cause a brief offline period late at night.

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No offline or other problems to report, but I just noticed the new firmware was installed in my monitor overnight. :grinning:


Hey there Kevin,
I have had a few intermittent connections and since powering off earlier today, everything appears working and stable. I’ve been away for quite some time so not sure where my firmware is or where it should be.
Busy life

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If I remember correctly the update happens around 3 am. I used to be pretty active on here and with my sense monitor in general but not so much lately.
It’s still one of my favorite “technology toys” as the wife would call it

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My “Bubble display” wasn’t working just now (that’s why I came to the Sense forum, and saw your posting.), but I was getting occasional in-app notifications from devices.

It never showed as “offline”, nor did I have the sleeping icon.

I cycled the breaker that powers the Sense, and it returned to normal.

I’m in with you! My issues have been happening since the end of April and documented here:

My disconnects happen in waves. I was stable for a couple of weeks, but the last two days just after 12am my monitor has gone offline. 12:05 on Thursday and 12:09 this morning. I have replaced my router and I’m on my first disconnect “run” with it. I’m in California, so your 3:00 is my 12:00. I just find it strange that it mostly happens around the time it would do a firmware update AND there is never any backfill of data for any disconnects. Support tells me during each of my disconnects my monitor rebooted, but did not tell me why.

I fully expect another disconnect tomorrow as my monitor has not received the latest firmware update yet.

I spoke to Support about the offline issue you were experiencing, but I’ll check in again and see if we have any more insight into what’s causing this.

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Kevin Yes sir… Lot here… maybe a half dozen in 4-5 days… Gerry

Same here.

Lots of recent disconnects. Its frustrating, because in my case I reed the remote monitoring aspect of it. Once offline I have never seen it automatically go back online. This requires me to physically be at the breaker box to reestablish connection. I cant be returning to the breakerbox every few hours.

Meanwhile I have other remote monitoring devices that use the same home network and I have yet to see them go offline.

Hi @okiesoft - based on your response, it sounds like this has become more of an issue over the last few weeks. While it sounds like this could be a signal based issue, Support should be able to confirm this (or not.) If you haven’t already, please write in to so we can look into this.

Yes. I’ve tried everything and it still shows offline. Does anybody knows if even though it’s offline in the app the electricity that is producing is still counting towards my electricity bill?

This depends on how long your monitor is offline before returning online - Sense retains data to the monitor while offline for up to six hours, so the offline data should populate for outages under that. It does sound like you’re experiencing some sort of connection issue. As mentioned in our Help article, there are quite a few things that can cause Sense to go offline. If you’ve explored all of these and still are unsure, I would run a Network Connection Test in the app by:

  1. Bring your mobile phone near your electrical panel. The test requires a Bluetooth connection with your Sense monitor.
  2. Navigate to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor.
  3. Scroll down to the Network Connection card and tap ’ Network Test '.
  4. If your test fails, the Sense app will let you know why and provide some troubleshooting tips.

Once you do this, please reach out to if you’re still having issues so we can take a look and see if anything can be found on our end.