Detect when Sense is Offline


Is there any way to detect when my Sense Monitor goes offline? I set up an access point with dedicated SSID for sense because it went offline on the first day I had it possibly due to multiple APs with the same SSID around my house. It’s been stable since until tonight. It went offline for 2 hours. I rebooted the router to see if Sense would reconnect without losing data. It did reconnect but it didn’t cache and upload old data so I have a 2 hour gap now.

Sense doesn’t respond to ping and doesn’t appear to have any open ports. Is there any way to be notified when Sense goes offline?


Your problem last night was likely due to a firmware update that was pushed out. Everyone had a gap of about 10 minutes, check my post on the Sense users group on Facebook.


I wonder if something went wrong with the update process. Mine still showed the 1.1.1379 after if came back online. Tonight at exactly 10 PM, it went offline and came back online at 10:16 PM with 1.1.1411.

I don’t and never will have a facebook account. Is the Sense users group accessible without a facebook account?


Good feature request: Notify when Sense is offline. Can be as simple as an e-mail sent, or a notification on the app. I already get notified when my Iron goes on and off.

I, too, have an access point just for the Sense, which improved things a lot, but Sense still goes offline occasionally, and sometime I don’t notice for a day or more. Sometimes I need to hard reset the device (unplug…) The sense could be more pro-active, e.g. if it cannot reach it’s network for 1h, it should realize that it’s whole purpose is not being fulfilled, and reboot itself…

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