New Devices But NO Data


Sense has detected a couple of new devices within the last couple of weeks. But when I try to review the usage of these devices to try to figure out what they are, these is no usage data for either of them. I would think that Sense would display the usage data it used to identify the new devices.

I looked at both the power usage chart (and scrolled back for weeks) and the calendar usage charts (day, week, month…).

Am I missing something? Is this a bug?

Thanks in advance for any help.


I don’t think the past usage shows up, only the usage moving forward once it’s been identified. (someone correct me if I’m wrong). It makes it a little hard to identify a mystery device, but I set the alarms to go on and off and that helps me find stuff.


I had two things that I just deleted. One was just a “device” that only came on twice in a month. The other was an unknown heat source that came on four times in a month. No historical data, and I never could figure out what they were because the usage was so infrequent. So I deleted them and hopefully whatever they were will get re-detected.



When a device is first detected you should have some stats available under ‘Stats’ and ‘Usage’ in the device’s details screen. You wouldn’t have trends or power meter data yet though. Are you missing data from either the ‘Stats’ or ‘Usage’ sections?


Under “Usage this month” the new device “Light 1” shows “0” for “Times on”, “Total usage” and “ Total est. cost”. Maybe it hasn’t been on this month.

The other new device (“Heat 4”) does have data under “Usage this month”.

I still don’t understand why Sense can’t display trends and power meter data for new devices. After all, Sense identified the new device by detecting that a device turned on/off that matches a known profile.


Hmm. My guess would be that Light 1 hasn’t been on this month.

In terms of having Power Meter and Trends data for new devices, that is something we plan on adding in the future.

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