New devices still show no historical data?

Sense popped up a Motor 1 and Motor 2 today, yet when viewing them they show 0 usage for the year.

My memory seems to think this was supposed to be fixed so viewing any newly detected device would show you some usage. Is that inaccurate?

Edit: This is why I thought it was fixed. INVESTIGATING: New device history not filling

I have had both. Some that pop up with a history and some that pop up without. I did have a new Floor Heater device pop up today that came with a half day history. I’m pretty sure it’s the floor heater in the bathroom.


That’s pretty normal. It seems to take days (sometimes longer) for the data to catch up with the events. There is data there, but as Sense keeps saying, “patience”. Eventually most announcements do get data….but I’ve also seen some that never did.

I agree it is normal, but I thought the team Improved things to only pop these notices once the data was available to see. Maybe I’m dreaming it up.

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I found what I was thinking of. @RyanAtSense is this a flare up of an old issue?

Hmm. Tough to say from just one report. I’d suggest writing into Support about it. Same goes for anyone else who may be seeing this.

I opened case 1792110 to look into this a little more. It has been 15 days and no historical data has populated.

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I have had six devices add in the past week, including 5 overnight yesterday. Only one doesn’t have historic data, and the ones that do go back to at least February.