Identifying devices, Stats, Usage and Power Meter blank in app and very low on web

This is my third setup of Sense due to panel changes and I’m seeing the same behavior when detecting new devices.

Almost every time, the Android app shows zeros in Stats, Usage and Power Meter. Looking on the web is a little different–all so far in this round show some real numbers in Stats, but the chart is blank (as well as the Est. kWh/yr and % of monthly use, which I presume are rounding down to zero at this early stage). So with those Stats numbers I can go back to the app and zoom in until I see something.

I recall last time I set this up months ago that going back in the app later in the day, next day, etc. there might be some real usage numbers and stats to work with. Why show blanks at all? I’d rather have detection take a little longer and show me something usable from the start than get my hopes up and show me all these devices with litte or no data.

I got a message about one of the CT sensors not being fully closed. This has been an issue with my setup from the start. I’ll revisit this "lack of data’ issue if I can ever get the open CT sensor problem corrected.

The CT issue is certainly a problem.
In the meantime, check out the below thread. It is a discussion about what you are seeing. To display a device before it has any tracked data, or to display it only when there is history.

Awesome… Thanks for the link.