No history when device is found

Just a quick question to see if I’m missing something obvious. Got my Sense installed about a week ago. Has found about 10 devices so far.

When I get a notice on my Android that a new Device has been found, I can click that device and see some info about it and I’m given the option to name it. At that point, it would be really helpful to see the history of it. Under Stats, there’s an average usage in Watts, which could be helpful. But on the Power Meter at the bottom, that is always empty.

For my previously found Devices, I can see the history and shape of the previous runs. Is there a way that I can get those to show on my new devices, too? Otherwise, I’m working blind at that point and would just need to set aside those new devices until I have some history in a couple of days. I don’t even know for sure if history will start collecting before I assign a name to it.

Can anyone help me with this and maybe explain to me what’s happening?

Also, is there a way to paste a picture into a submission?


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Just a quick question … I can see the history and shape of the previous runs.[/quote]

I’m getting the same behavior. I’m new here but I’m guessing it’s the cart and horse issue. The device model can’t collect data from before it was a device model since it’s all happening real time. To confirm, I looked back at my first device found, 2 days after install. It’s data starts when it was found, not when it was installed. It’s just more obvious that it is missing because you are now having fun looking at the first found devices; you want the same joy out of the data on this fresh find but I’m thinking you will have to wait for it to be collected.

Please have a look at the start time of the Watt/time plot on the first device found and check that it does not show data from before it was found. If there is data before the device found data, then I’m WRONG!

My $0.02,

I understand what you’re saying, but it seems to me that they could just as easily extract the data from before Device recognition as they do as data is collected and that would at least give us an idea right away what we were looking at. They pop up the device and ask for a name, but then they withhold the data that would be most useful in identifying it.

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Sorry Sense11, I did it again. I posted without fully understanding the details. After a deeper dive on my new unit, I’m now seeing that the “Usage” data does appear to go back to the Sense install date for devices found a few days after installing and a device found a week after installing.

It appears that the detailed “Power Meter” data is the only data that starts from when the device is found. This may or may not be normal, I’m new here. YMMV. Hope that helps.

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