Device detected with blank stats


ok, found a new device today, but when I look at it, the stats are all blank…

anyone else have this?

are you guys deleting these?

sent to support, and turned on notification so I know if this device turns on/off…


I think I’ve seen this a couple of times. The most recent time it was a junk device that never turned on, so I deleted it. I believe in the past it’s been real and the stats then populated later. I would do exactly what you did and set an on notification. If no notifications in a few months, delete.


thanks @pswired,

support says there are some situations that can delay or stop details from populating the device info… they had a similar suggestion, wait see, delete later if no stats show… sounds like a plan…

hope this helps someone else…


That’s “normal” behavior (wish they would fix it), but the stats will populate in a while. As with all things Sense, “patience” is the key