Sense detection period

Hi all,

ive had sense for just over a month, sense detected about 10 devices in the first 2 weeks but has been silent for some time now. Am i being too impatient? it has not detected big things like pool pump or dryer yet.

Also i was curious why does the website not have energy used bill period like the app? it only has day month or year.

Thanks in advance!

I posted one of these graphs earlier, but I just updated with one new detection. My detection rates may vary from yours because I had Sense for about 2 years, before I moved to a new unit due to some issues with the old one. This is the graph for my new account / unit. About 20 detections in the first month, including a couple of variants of my Dryer that must correspond to different heating modes.


Well I’m in week 6. Only detected my Stove top, microwave and water heater/heat pump.

Had major mix ups with oven and dryer detections. Yesterday was more fun when it auto “combine” one of the dryer phase with my oven. May end up deleting those.

So I consider your experience better than mine.


Remember, I have had two years of Sense training on my specific devices including my 240V Oven and Dryer, prior to my “clean start” in April. I think I had similar experiences back then.

Please let support and @RyanAtSense know about your “combine”.
I’ve been trying to get them to do away with this as every time it has happened, it’s ruined good detections.
I’ve had to delete them all

I had Fridge and Fridge 2 detected when I woke up this morning (Sense has been up and running for around a week). I have 2 fridges. However, the items detected were not the fridges. In fact I could not find them. I waited and watched and when Fridge 2 was on (according to app), I unplugged both fridges and the power was still being used by Fridge 2. Then same thing later for Fridge (that one I flipped the breaker off for that fridge ) but the app still showed it consuming power. I ended up deleting the devices from the app because I could not determine what they were. I am assuming that those signatures will then get re-detect later on either correctly as some other devices or back as fridge and fridge 2?

I guess I just wanted to ensure that I didn’t commit them to the “other” land and that they would never be detected again.


Two things,

  • unplugging or flipping a breaker off on a fridge may not look the same to Sense as a thermostatic off. So you might be wrong about the fridge not being detected. The bubbles for my Subzero fridges don’t disappear when I flip the breaker off.
  • Deleting unknown detections probably isn’t helpful. They will likely come back again with the same designations. Better to use this approach to figure out what the Fridge devices really are:

Remember also that fridges are combinations of different electrical components themselves: fan(s) + compressor + defrost heating element + light(s) … each of which Sense can detect as different devices.

Beyond following @kevin1’s advice, look at the waveforms for “Fridge” and “Fridge 2” and compare them. Knowing your likely fridge power consumption helps. A good place to dig deeper and do some comparing is here:

Thanks Kevin1.

It wasn’t that the devices didn’t register as a notification off in the app, but it was also still consuming power (wattage was like 138 - 141w) while I had the fridge breakers off, nevertheless, I will take the tips from you and the video in an attempt to better understand what is happening in my house rather than do the knee-jerk delete action.

Thanks again.

Good luck… I thought that you might have been relying on a an off notification or the bubbles when you said this.

You’re doing the right thing if you are looking at the waveform in the main Power Meter. If that doesn’t go down when you unplug or flip the associated breaker, then it was likely off.

Thanks @ixu.

Just as I had submitted that previous message, my sense re-recognized the fridges so I will take a look at the threads you mentioned and the videos to help me determine what to look at. Maybe those two are the same fridge with the different mods of operations and need to be merged, but I’ll definitely look at what is happening before I take action.


Yes, in both cases they were still consuming power. Weird thing is that if it wasn’t the fridges, I have absolutely no idea what they are at the moment, but, I don’t mind the detective work either :smiley:

Can’t wait til it recognizes my Model 3 (and ya I saw all the EV threads and challenges :smiley:). My solar should be online next week so can’t wait for that to get in the mix too!

Garage Door opener and water heater are working exactly as expected.

Cheers all.

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