Sense detection period

Hi all,

ive had sense for just over a month, sense detected about 10 devices in the first 2 weeks but has been silent for some time now. Am i being too impatient? it has not detected big things like pool pump or dryer yet.

Also i was curious why does the website not have energy used bill period like the app? it only has day month or year.

Thanks in advance!

I posted one of these graphs earlier, but I just updated with one new detection. My detection rates may vary from yours because I had Sense for about 2 years, before I moved to a new unit due to some issues with the old one. This is the graph for my new account / unit. About 20 detections in the first month, including a couple of variants of my Dryer that must correspond to different heating modes.


Well I’m in week 6. Only detected my Stove top, microwave and water heater/heat pump.

Had major mix ups with oven and dryer detections. Yesterday was more fun when it auto “combine” one of the dryer phase with my oven. May end up deleting those.

So I consider your experience better than mine.


Remember, I have had two years of Sense training on my specific devices including my 240V Oven and Dryer, prior to my “clean start” in April. I think I had similar experiences back then.

Please let support and @RyanAtSense know about your “combine”.
I’ve been trying to get them to do away with this as every time it has happened, it’s ruined good detections.
I’ve had to delete them all