A Sample Detection History

Hi folks, a number of people have asked about how long it takes Sense to detect things, and what they should expect. I wanted to post my history in a graphical form starting from a complete Device Reset I did on Aug 2, 2017. Detection was probably a little less refined back then, but still worked reasonably well in my house, though just like mileage, your results could vary greatly. The chart below shows the first detection of each device that Sense found, in terms of the number of days after my reset.

Three things to notice.

  1. Yes, there is a device called Deleted Device. That’s a name I added for devices that were detected, then detected and now show up without Names in the export files. Just to be clear, some devices that I have deleted also have names in this graph.
  2. I deleted a bunch of devices around day 514, but many were quickly rediscovered under new names that came direct from the crowdsourced names, rather than my naming. Hence the repletion of similar sounding devices.
  3. Some devices that were detected later were actually found quite quickly by Sense - the Power Washer, Saw and second Vacuum were “found” within a day of actual usage, I just hadn’t used them until later in the reset cycle. The same goes for seasonal stuff like AC units - they don’t get found until they see some regular usage.

ps: White Lightning is our Tesla Model S and Tesla is our Model 3.


A plot of my “Devices Detected vs. Time”:

  1. I started my SENSE detection on 9/10/2017.
  2. I added 2 HS-110 modules on day 481.
  3. I added a HS-300 module on day 571.

Devices that were “detected twice” were merged into the same device and not recounted.
I have two unknown devices that I am still working to identify.


Does this show right at 45 Sense native detections?

My arithmetic shows 51 - 8 smartplugs = 43 native detections for @Dcdyer.

I had 41 native detections, but 5 of them were re-detects, rather than initial detections. I didn’t include 30 or so smartplug detections.

Your count is probably correct, didn’t have my glasses and even the plus size iPhone is a struggle to see.
I would have a similar number had sense and I not deleted so many but I want higher accuracy right now.

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Including the smartplugs is a good idea. There are also other weird types of devices that exist in my data thanks to various merges and unmerges over time, and the fact that exports done in one year may have a different working set of devices vs. the next year. But here’s the broader picture with smartplugs and merges.


It will be interesting to see an overlay of what one does compared to the other.
Funny, I can see exactly where the HS300’s came into play. Those are definitely my favorite Sense “add on” devices. It looks like I added the two I got at the same time you did. Amazon $55 sale timing.
Your fans get detected very well, mine do not. My air handler is the fan I would like to have but has yet to be added. The other fans are ceiling fans and I really don’t care about them as they are such low wattage anyway.
I tried an experiment for a week during the day while I was the only one home where I set the fan to turn on and off multiple time an hour while disabling the rest of the system. I though this might help Sense pick it up, it appears I was wrong. It’s the only 240 device left in our home not detected.

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Not yet ready to overlay my last generation of detections vs. my current ones, but did a full reset of my Sense account around April 6, 2019. This time I had many smart plugs already installed at the start. I also saw 7 detections in the first day or so.

ps: I’m still sorting out all the “Vacuums” and “Motors”. We had construction going on at our house so many of those might be tools our contractor was using. We’ll see which ones survive the end of construction.

Well that’s pretty nice. Definitely keep us posted, and keep the graphs coming.