Devices are successfully detected, then they go back to the Other category

I have only been online for just under a week. 9 devices detected.

The microwave was detected, and it was a solid detection. I could turn the microwave off an on and the app responded reporting it was the microwave. Then a day or so later, the microwave just shows up as part of the Other category when it’s on. The Microwave device listing sits idle.

I had another detection, an unknown, I quickly found it was the bathroom fan, again, turn the fan off and on and verified it was the fan. Then I checked the fan in the other bathroom which is the same exact model fan, and it would report it was the same device. So that was fine with me, either fan would report as the one device, I named it Bathroom Fans. But just like the microwave, a day or so later, now they just report in the Other category and the Bathroom Fans category sit idle.

So it found them, learned them, now forgot them? Just chill and give it time? Or delete them and hope it re-finds them?

Yeah, either give up or wait a year or two for it to settle down. I tried resetting my data back in September, it was a waste of time. There isn’t anything that you can do to get it to work better using the app. Even calling support has not helped Sense learn the difference between my Oven and my Hot Tub. You can complain here and hopefully they will hear a common thing and fix it for everyone like they tried to do with Electric Cars. I am six months in this time and today had it prompt me that it found a new device but it was gone by the time I looked to set it up.

If after six months you still have the Other during the day you might look into adding some smart switches like the TP Link. My Plasma TV has one, my computer desk power strip is smart, I also have a few others for my cars and such. I still get Other in the evening when the lights start coming on but much of the day things are recognized. Still waiting on my Keurig and my wife’s blow dryer and ALL the little things.

Of course just getting things recognized doesn’t mean that all the power being used by those devices are being attributed to those devices. If you are in the bubble view you will notice when something comes on the Other bubble will grow first and then change into the recognized item. But I often will see the Other bubble mirror a device, so only half it’s power is being recorded as being used by that device.

Does anyone have observation as to what happens if you delete one of these detections that seems to have stopped detecting?
Does not deleting it preventing it from “fine tuning”?
Or does deleting in in fact give it a second shot to get it “fine tuned”? Or might it never re-find the device?

My take is that you should leave the device alone for a couple weeks and see if the detections resume. My experience has been that devices that are once detected do tend to get redetected relatively quickly after you delete, though it might come back as only a limited time detection again.

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Thank you for the replies.