Disappearing devices only to be found again!



After searching the community for this problem and not finding anything recent, I wonder if others are seeing their devices disappearing (not even listed in the device list). Then, within a few days they show up again asking to be identified.

I have lost a circulating pump off my boiler that had no problems, two days later I get a new device “motor 1” show up.

I lost a 60 watt incandescent light that was showing up fine, with no problems, very accurate. Then it went away. I didn’t even know it was lost until I got informed of a new ‘light’.

This type of problem was reported back the early in 2017, was it fixed and is not back or what?

I agree with a poster who ask that they never remove a device without out agreement or put it in a different category or status. Loosing data is bothersome to some of us.


Same thing happened to me. I was told that Sense may detect an anomaly or inconsistency with the model it created for a device. It will then remove it and attempt to re-learn it in a more dependably way.

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