Stopped finding devices and forgetting known devices?


Greetings All,

I’m trying to figure out an issue I appear to be having with device detection.

Looking back I don’t seem to have learned any new devices since April of this year. This seems like a long time to go without learning any new devices.

Some of the devices that have been learned are not being detected reliably or not at all. For example, that my water heater shows being off for 1 day and 6 hours even though we have washed a load of dishes, 2 loads of laundry and 4 people have taken showers. I can say with certainty that none of us took cold showers and some amount of hot water was used for both dishes and laundry. My fridge shows being off for almost a day but since we’re over 90 degrees and my kids have been in and out all day that can’t be correct. A toaster is used every morning and reliably detected hasn’t shown up in almost a week. Even my AC has stopped showing up and is now lumped in with Unknown.

I haven’t made any changes to the electrical system in the house, the previously detected devices are all on the same circuits they were before and even in the same outlets.

I installed my Sense in April of last year and it was going strong for quite a while but seems to be losing the ability to identify devices it already “knows” nor new devices.

Any thoughts on what I can check to see what’s going on?



One thing I have noticed with our sense is that known devices have had a harder time being identified during the summertime. We have 2 3ton ACs that run a lot in the summertime and the more they run the less other devices are seen. As an example our water heater had very accurate numbers up through May but once the summer heat hit and our power consumption went up we haven’t had an accurate reading for our water heater. Not sure if this is everyone’s experience but wanted to share.


The very same happened to us, devices already recognized are now gone or replaced by a “new” device.

Also mixed up devices is now a common thing.

New devices are rarely detected, for example we have 5 AC units, all of them used almost on a daily basis and after 9 months none of them are recognized, same story with the water pump.

The thing is, everything was working properly and all of a sudden something happened in the database, and ever since then Sense devices are no longer reliable, big bummer.


Ebeeche I wanted to post an update to this. Recently my water heater started being detected correctly again. It hasn’t cooled down where I’m at, still over 100 degrees, so I was mistaken in thinking the AC caused any issues.

I am curious though, are you in a single family home with 5 AC units?


My duplex/semi attached(to us) neighbour has 5 or 6 split systems. His house is only 1500 sq ft.

I have seen a larger house in the neighboorhood with 5 full size AC units on the garage roof.
It is a nice size house but wouldn’t be much more than double our square footage.
I have seen many with more than two full sized system in my area.


Yes, a five members family (wife, son and two daughters).

We live in Costa Rica (tropical weather) so cooling is a must, our house is about 4200 sq feet but, despite the size, we decided to have split units instead of a central one in order to avoid having a single point of failure.

Distribution: 4 AC units for the bedrooms and one extra unit for the TV room/guest room.


Last all my HVAC including my heat pump water heater yesterday. Wish what was finally found stay found.