Lost and duplicate devices


My Sense has been alive for 6 weeks now.

This Tuesday it decided to lose track of my HVAC, which is actually AC/Heat Pump. It no longer tracks or totals my HVAC usage. I also have two Dryer devices, which seem to be the two 120v legs of my Maytag dryer. Also have three “unknown” devices, of which two have been there for weeks with no usage or consumption, and one was seen weeks ago for one time only.

Nothing new identified for a long time now.

It does track two freezers, the microwave, coffee maker, garage door opener, and a room air conditioner.

How do I get things back on track?


I think they say “be patient” …


Hi there, we quickly checked your monitor and it looks like your device detection is definitely still learning. However, you could reach out to our customer support to have them take a closer look at it, as some of these things sound like possible bugs. Hope this helps!

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