Why learning devices that aren't in use?


Good Morning All,

Just curious if others have had the situation where Sense has learned devices that aren’t actually in use? My Sense has detected 3 AC units and learned one of them. I would be happy except that I live in NH, it’s January, and my single AC unit hasn’t been on in months.

Now that it’s learned will Sense correct it to whatever it actually is (I don’t know what device it’s calling an AC) as time goes on?




@BenAtSense Any thoughts on this question? I’m up to 4 AC units and have yet to turn on my AC this year.



Hey Harry,

Sorry that no one got back to your previous post! I recommend reaching out to our support team (https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). They have the tools to look into what’s going on a little more. Just mention ‘Alex’, one of our tech support team members, at the beginning of your message and he’ll take a deeper look.

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