Lost and (not) Found



I had a device detected about a month ago (my furnace fan). It was spot on. I would turn on the thermostat, hear the fan kick on, and then in the Sense app, I’d receive my alert.

Now that winter has set in, for some reason it has vanished from my device list. I really liked having it there, it provided some great insight for how much my furnace was kicking on/off. It was extremely accurate, and now it’s not there.

So, my 2 questions:

  1. Is there any way I can get that device to come back?
  2. All of the energy used for that device 2 months ago, where does it now get reported? In other words, if I look at the graphs, does that usage now belong to the Unknown “device”? Or if I look back at my monthly usage, will it just be lower by whatever usage the furnace fan had used? How can I reconcile the month-month usage if a device disappears?


Just noticed I’ve lost a couple of devices too. Can still see them occurring on timeline, though they not being recognized let go me checking known devices and they’ve completely disappeared.

Is this normal? As long as it took to detect one of these, I’m kinda ticked if this is expected…


It has happened again. My laser printer had been accurately reporting for over a month. I physically turned it off, since the recalibration that was occurring was mostly unnecessary for the amount I use it. I fired the printer up this past weekend, and it was not reported at all. So, for some period of time, every time I’d print or it recalibrated, it worked great. When I turned it off for a month or so, Sense has completely forgotten I had a printer. It’s still in my device list, but it did not “activate” when I printed.


Strange indeed. Here’s hoping they reappear with use…

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