Appear to have lost a number of previously known devices after an new device discovery, can anyone help


I’ve had sense for about 60 days, and in the first couple of weeks it found a number of useful devices. It found both my fridges, two of my electric baseboard heaters, microwave, dryer and some others. I was quite happy. Earlier this week I got notification of about 5 new devices being found. Great I thought. Well, one of the new devices appears to be a baseboard heater that was previously found, but it actually found 3 devices that make up my hybrid water heater. However, at the same time it appears to have lost both my fridges and the other baseboard heater and a couple of the other previously discovered devices. It all coincides with the update on Tuesday. On monday I see everything getting tracked, from tuesday and on no more fridges or baseboard heater. What happened and can I get back the devices that it previously had discovered and were working up until the refresh ?


Welcome to the forum! You should really reach out to Support about this. They can look at your data and see what happened.