New algorithms?

After almost 9 months, my detections started to arrive. I’m an electricity miser so it took quite a bit of time. And my 12 devices were alerting me flawlessly. But recently, Sense stopped recognizing my ceiling fan. And yesterday I started seeing false notifications for a device that was always spot on (Instant Pot) . Although history says it’s been happening prior to my noticing. So I decided to delete both of them to see if they can be re-found. Is this generally how you would approach such things? I’m fairly certain there was new roll out recently. So far, after about a week, it hasn’t found the fan yet.

You didn’t receive a detection for 9 months? That’s certainly abnormal, even with low usage. Did you ever write into Support about that?

As models get updated, they can lose their accuracy in some rare cases. Deleting and letting Sense re-detect is one option, but you do run the risk of Sense not picking the device back up. I’d give Sense a bit more time to re-detect that fan. In my experience with deleting, it can take a couple weeks to get a new detection.

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It was odd to me, the length of time. My coffee maker was picked up in the first week. And nothing else was ever discovered for close to 10 months. But then I got a flood of things, about 10 more. All coming in a span of a few weeks. Along the way, I had reached out to support 3 different times. They always responded that I should be patient. I was told on the 2nd and 3rd that there probably wasn’t enough electrical usage to determine fingerprints from. So I remained patient. And it was starting to feel like it was paying off. And it still does. But I’m disappointed by the fairly big step backwards recently. Devices no longer recognized, incorrectly signalled off & ons, and just today 3 new devices that indicated were last used 25 days ago. Also this morning I saw my main TV was showing on but wasn’t, and the ‘Now’ tab active wattage was different than the amount shown on the ‘Devices’ tab active Watts. I’ll take your advice in the future if I lose any device identifications. I’ll resist deleting them and just wait it out. Thanks for replying.