Detecting devices that were already deleted

Back in February, Sense detected 2 lighting circuits in my house based on about 6 weeks of data. After seeing their electrical consumption, I found a few incandescents on those circuits and swapped them out for LEDs. Subsequently, those lighting circuits were no longer detected, because the lighting load has changed. After deleting the devices, they showed up last month as “new” lighting devices found. When I realized they were the same old lighting circuits (no usage since February), I deleted them once more. Yesterday, Sense once again recognized 2 “new” lighting devices, and I can see from the usage history that they are the same, no usage since February.

Is there any way to get out of this Groundhog Day cycle and tell Sense not to look back at that old data??

I’ve experienced the same thing. It seems sense keeps old data for quite some time. In my case, instead of deleting them, I’ve simply left them but named them as removed. That at least prevents the re-detection. I have no clue how long to wait before deleting again.

At least 6 months, a garbage disposal we replaced in September was found every month or so until February.

I replaced a garbage disposal and a fridge last year. They were both picked up several times after their removal.

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