Finds devices tracks then loses

I started my 3rd month of usage. Not sure if I’m happy with Sense or not. During the past month Sense has detected 2 new devices tracked the usage for about a week and now when the devices are used it appears in other. The devices are still listed but the usage is not shown under the listed device. An example are my landscaping lights which are controlled by a light sensing switch. Sense found the device (I identified it) and correctly displayed for about 2 weeks. My lights (controlled by the same switch) still come on every night but now show up only as "other"usage.

I’ve lost track of how many Are corrupt or completely missing now. I believe it’s more than 10.

If it’s consistently not IDing them correctly, you could delete the device and let Sense re-detect.

I’m not having to delete them anymore @RyanAtSense, they have been deleted by sense. They don’t appear in my device list and I haven’t been getting any type of notifications alerting changes.
I’m thinking of a complete factory reset. Not because there is a problem with sense but I’m doing some other electrical work and want to change how sense is setup out of preference.
When we do a factory reset, do we lose our original account and have to create another?

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