How far back does Sense look for devices?


A question related to some recent posts of mine. A little over a month ago, we replaced our garbage disposal. Every week since then, Sense has picked up that old disposal though never gave it any data (for obvious reasons). Every week, I deleted it.

Finally, this past week it found the new disposal, which had a different profile and power draw than the original. It’s got it pretty reliably, but I’m curious if it will keep finding the old one and for how long? I’ll post back if it gets reported again…

I’ve got several other “unknown heat #x” that are being picked up which I think might represent our old dishwasher, which was replaced around the same time. It may give some users a clue, if you’re having unidentified devices show up with no data for a week or more - perhaps it’s something that you replaced in the past which Sense has only recently found in historical data? If Sense is mining data, perhaps there should be a limit on how far back it goes?


Hey Nick,

It can take up to a couple of months for Sense to stop looking at this historical data for detection purposes. We do have plans to change our process when it comes to detection of previously deleted devices though, so this is subject to change.

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