Should I delete an item that has been labeled incorrectly by Sense?

I installed Sense about 2 weeks ago. This morning I was notified that Sense detected a device that 99% of Sense users named “Dryer.”

The device is not our “Dryer” and we have not been able to figure out what the device is because the usage has been zero for 2 days.

Should I delete the device in the device settings? Will this delete all the data Sense has accumulated for the device?

Basically, what should I do for a device when clearly Sense is wrong?

Thanks in advance.


My approach would be to keep the device and rename it to something such as “unknown device.” Then set the “notify me when the device turns on” option so that you get messages when Sense detects the device as having turned on. Those notifications may help you figure out what the device is. At that point you can rename it with the correct name.

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I second @pswired recommendations.

Thank you! That is exactly what I will do.

Very much appreciated.



Also, if it’s truly a ghost device and Sense never sees it turn on again, at that point I’d recommend just deleting it.

Definitely not. Deleting it would have no positive results because of the way Sense data collection works. A better approach is to set it to notify you when it turns on/off, so you can better determine what it is. You can also rename it if you like, but that really doesn’t matter at this poiunt

Sense takes a while to accurately detect devices, and you are barely at the starting gate.