Can't seem to id this Mystery AC 2

I have a newly discovered AC 2 device, with initial spike energy consumption of 687w then settling at 281w. This device seems to run for 10-20 mins every few hours. Community puts it 75% as Fridge. I have unplugged 2 fridges and 1 freezer while this AC 2 was running but it wasn’t it … I tried to turn off circuit breakers 1 by 1 but ended up breaking off the wifi connection of the app so I couldn’t tell which circuit might have powered that AC 2 device … hope someone here could look at the attached screenshots and give me some hints… thanks.

Three thoughts:

  • that pattern, spike followed by a steady usage region, is typical for motors/compressors
  • you posted the Device Power Meter waveforms. You won’t always see the drop from unplugging in the bubbles or in the Device Power Meter. The only place to look for a drop is in the whole house Power Meter.
  • Good approach for searching at 4:25 in this video.

Are you sure it wasn’t one of those unplugged?
Were you watching if the device “A.C. 2” in the app showed it turned off, the timeline or both?
I say this because when you flip a
Breaker or unplug then Sense doesn’t recognize the “off” signature and won’t properly identify the device. It can still show it’s on when this happens.

But if you watch the timeline and current usage and unplug, note the drop in watts, then you can compare to the AC 2 device “stats” to see if it matches.

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Based on the above suggestions, I have narrowed down to the fridge in the garage … that was the mystery AC 2 device … thanks kevin1 & samwooly1 :slight_smile:

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