Bizarre back-annotation for detected "AC 2" device

I didn’t find this in previous topics, sorry if I missed something.

Sense detected a second AC unit last night, and named it AC 2. I haven’t investigated what it actually is yet, but it seemingly went through the past data and added usage that makes no sense. Yesterday shows “AC 2” used 115% of my daily usage, which obviously makes no sense.

Is this a known issue?

Looks like you have built the worlds first perpetual motion machine! Turn that sucker on full time and grab the bonus 15% of production.


This is a product of the new math.

Any ideas from the Sense team? I’m wondering if I should just delete this device, or is it possible the device definition will improve?

I have an AC 2 device too. It’s the second stage on my 2 stage HVAC system. My numbers improved with time.

Sorry for the delay @shaver.deyerle - could you submit a ticket with our support team (if you haven’t already)? They can look in to the details and get you a solid recommendation. Sorry for the troubles!

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I have experienced a similar issue, but with other areas not AC. My home was a cape converted to a colonial and at the same time the electric was upgraded to a 200 AMP service. In many of the first floor rooms there was no modification to the electric wiring/system, with he exception of the downstairs bathroom and Kitchen, which were totally upgraded during the renovation. The second floor is completely rewired to current code requirements. That being said, some of the reading I believe are power consumption in the rooms that are still part of the older wiring. Not a big deal except that once i did identify the source, Sense would not allow me to change the name!.

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