The first 2.5 months

I’ve said this before, but to me Sense would be worth the cost of entry for the Power Meter alone.

The first thing I attacked were the “Always On” components, such as an under utilized compressor-based wine cooler. Updating the programming on our upstairs and downstairs AC systems helped a lot (I’m in FL). Then I went after the lights - converted from 4ft and 8ft florescent tubes and CFL to LED, cutting lighting power use 55%. Timers were added to the outdoor security lights. Once you swat down the big stuff, the little power wasters reveal themselves. Sense is a great tool.


My experience has been good and perplexing. Sense has identified several high usage devices. This has allowed, through trial and error, to determine usage of other non-recognized devices. However, 2 of my AC units are the same make and model, the 3rd unit is different. Sense recognized the 3rd unit and one AC device for the 2 similar units. Wonder if there’s a way to help Sense recognize both. When both are simultaneously on, one shows as an AC device and the other’s data appears in “Other”. Perplexing is Sense finally recognized my pool pump. For a couple of days it recognized the device during all hours of operation. For the past couple of weeks the pool pump device show only for about 2 hours and then the data freezes and then simultaneously the actually data shows in “Other”. As a result, my total daily usage is dramatically overstated when compared to the daily usage data available by my electricity provider. Wonder if there is a way to eliminate this issue?