Sense Recognizing TWO devices as one?

Hello, All:

Sense is recognizing my AC unit (Comfortmaker) and my poo heater (Pentair Ultra Temp 70 heat pump) as the same device.


Thank you.


I have a similar issue with my stove occasionally being confused for the dryer. And something else I haven’t figured out gets confused with the dish washer.

I have been using sense for 3 weeks. I’m and electrical engineer and this is my first post. I have a similar situation where two different brand refrigerators are detected as being the same load, and a well pump and a septic pump are being detected as the same load. The refrigerators are similar, but not identical, wattage and on time. Sometimes they are on at the same time. The well pump is a 1.9kW load typically on for 40 seconds at a time, and the septic pump is a 1.6kW load typically on for 2 minutes at a time. The well pump is typically on 4 times a day, the septic pump once a day. I’m curious about other Sense user’s experience in devices being incorrectly merged, and as to whether over time Sense may figure this out and separate the devices.

Short answer: 3 weeks isn’t long enough for Sense.

Longer suggestion …

If you put your engineering hat on you can wade through this thread:

@MaheshAtSense’s input there was great and though I know that’s a somewhat tangential thread to your question, this is a shout-out to Sense to do a similar Q&A: A behind the scenes look at multiple similar device discrimination.