New detection AC 2, where is AC or AC 1?


I got a new detection today that sense named “AC 2”. I thought sense always followed a numbering system in the order of detections. I have not seen nor do I have an AC or AC 1.
I have had sense use the name heat 2 many times now as I will rename and it opens the at name up for use after the rename done by me.
It’s also not AC because our AC has yet to be used this year.
So where is the original AC? Why the number 2 if the first is open? Is it sitting somewhere in the detection process?
I’be also got something else strange happening, a sudden loss of almost all “OFF” notifications.
I’m getting the “ON” but while the devices are running they are transferred to “OTHER”. I would have this happen with delves here and there but it’s affecting all devices currently.


There likely was/is an AC device. Perhaps you renamed it and forgot? It’s also possible that there was/is an internal AC device which Sense was working on building but hasn’t been approved yet as Sense wasn’t quite confident enough in the model to display it, but AC2 may have been tracking something different which Sense was able to finish the model for first and so it released it


That answered my question and what I suspected could be happening. That sense had partially idoan AC device and reserved the name but wasn’t yet ready to call it a detection on my end.
I did switch my heat pump over to cool because I have it set for auto changeover and it could have run in cooling mode without my noticing. Running the heat pump in either mode still triggers “heat pump”. It will be interesting to see what this AC is