Two AC Units

I have 2 . AC Units and right now, it does not distinguish between the two (one for upstairs and one for downstairs), both the units are the same make and model so I am sure it would be difficult to read them as two different units…any ideas?

Time may be your friend. Wait for the Sense Brain to grow and with luck they may be distinguished.

Or get a Smart Plug (assuming the units are <1800W & 120V) and put one or both on those. The advantage of a Smart plug (Wemo Insight or TP-link Kasa) is that you will definitely get the units tracked right away and so can create alerts and so on to reduce consumption.

My sense also struggles with this. We have two central AC systems (one per floor). They are the same brand but slightly different sizes. Sense has been struggling to find and distinguish the individual air handlers and condensers.

With different sizes, you have a chance. Slightly different waveforms. Same size makes it pretty much impossible.

Same problem. Two exact same units. Not really an easy solution to this.

About the only possibility is one detect for either single unit and another detect for both operating at once. Those would be distinctly different signatures

I’m having a similar problem. Two separate central air units, gas pack first floor and split heat pump second. Been using the monitor four days now and Sense has detected my dehumidifier in the basement and “AC”.

Oddly, when both AC units are off, the first one to come on gets detected as AC whether it’s the upstairs or downstairs unit. Then, while it’s running and the other one comes on, it’s gets put in the “other” bubble. Doesn’t matter which order in which they start, the first one on gets labeled “AC” and the second one is “other”. I’m hoping with time it’ll sort out.

I also have this problem. My approach is , I am interested in the amount of time each furnace/ airhandlerunit is running. The compressors run the same time as the furnace, minus a minute or two. I can (or Numbers/Excel can) calculate the amount of watts being used.
Most furnaces run on 120 volts so I use a HS110 on each one. Sense never misses the HS110, but it does miss a compressor operation or confuses it with something else.

Just my approach, thought I would pass it on.

If you have indoor units that use 120v, make sure each unit is on a separate 120v leg of service. The monitor will then have a chance of identifying the two units separately.


This seems like good advice from @pswired if you can do it.

Makes me wonder … if you have, say, identical AC units that are on the same service legs and you can perhaps set one to have a LOW fan consistently and the other a MED fan consistently or other possible distinguishing signature based on your units, whether that might help Sense separate them? Of course this might be pretty inconvenient!

Do we know technically/anecdotally whether inverter & dual-inverter based AC units (which are becoming more common) have the same sameness problem? It seems like the DC-ramping might be more “unique” for the same the model units in different locations. Unfortunately, my guess is that these units might be harder to detect, period.

That might separate the two blowers, but probably not the two compressors (by far the larger power draw). Depends on what you are trying to achieve