Identical AC units


My system has just been installed. It has already found both of my AC units that are identical. How can I get them to become separated in identification?


Do you have 120v or 240v indoor units (air handlers)?


Everything for the AC units is 240v


I ask because one way that Sense could possibly disambiguate your two AC units is for the 120v loads (indoor blower) to be on different panel legs. If everything in both systems is 240v, then that idea is shot.

There may be minute differences between the two systems that Sense could pick up on, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. If you’re intent on having them separated, you might be able to do something like add a hard start kit to one of the systems, which would change the startup profile, potentially enough to allow Sense to differentiate the two startup signatures.

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Both of the systems do not start at the same time. Each has its own thermostat. When the west unit starts it shows ac unit, if the west is still running then the east unit starts it is other. If the east unit starts before the west it shows ac. If the east
is still running and the west starts then it shows as other. Does this help? I do not mind to combine the two as you can merge things. Is it possible when looking at power profile to be able to hit the power increase then be able to name it for what turned



@pswired has a terrific idea about a hard start capacitor.
It would work for the compressor possibly but you might end up like me with none of the fan motors being detected.


It’s not possible to click on a power increase and train sense that it’s a certain device. How long have your new systems been running? It’s possible that Sense will build a new model for the second system once it sees enough cycles.


For identical items, what happens is that Sense builds a model to track what it sees, which is a single device running. Sense is release that mode which will track both of those devices as being the same item within the home.

But, it’s probable that both of them are going to run at the same time. It’s usually what happens. In those instances, Sense is going to recognize them as being two different devices. It will then, slower, build a second model which will track the “second” device. In reality what will likely end up happening in that the original model will be the one that triggers the most often and the second model will really only ever show as on when both are running at the same time. The second model is probably saying that it’s “on” during times when only one of those devices turns on, but since the first model is doing that too, Sense is only going to allow for one of them to actually be on.

It’s the unfortunate reality of duplicate 240V devices. There really isn’t a good way to separate them since they look exactly the same to Sense. You did say you wouldn’t mind merging them, so doing that would be the best bet. The first one is likely to be discovered relatively quickly, but the second one may take longer since there are likely less times they both run.