My sense is consistently misidentifying 240v motors

My sense is having a hard time identifying my 240v air compressor and my air conditioner as two different devices. I deleted my HVAC from sense hoping it would find it again, but now it just switches back and forth as saying the air compressor is running when its not. I even left it switched on today so it would cycle occasionally with my A/C and sense is still confused.
What can I do?

It’s hard to deal with device conflation - the problem is that large motors can look very similar when starting up and stopping (large 240V inductive loads). Sense is able to tell the difference between my 3 ton and 4 ton AC compressors, but there’s a substantial difference in usage. But my dryer and one of my floor heating loops are forever conflated because they only differ in energy usage by about 5%.

You might try deleting both devices and letting Sense try to discriminate between the two of them.

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I deleted both, they haven’t been found again. I have a lot of work to do in my shop so I’ll be running both and now that it’s cooling season both will be running together at times.

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