Two HVAC Units - getting mixed up



I have two HVAC units.
one HVAC is for lower level - Lennox XC16 2 stage 3 ton Air conditioning unit + Lennox SL 280 Gas furnace
and the other is for upper level - Goodman 2 Ton air conditioning unit + Furnace
Sense detected the lower level Lennox air conditioning unit as “AC” first (10 days ago).
A day ago, upper level unit was recognized as “Motor 1”. In addition, when the AC/compressor of the upper level unit kicks in, it is being identified as “AC” as well. The right thing to do would be to identify it as AC2.
Also, why is there no “motor” identified for Lennox? especially, if motor is actually the air handler unit.
is Sense going to eventually classify these correctly on its own or does this require manual intervention (such as deleting the device or something)?.
I believe the correct thing would be to identify Lennox air conditioning as “AC” and its associated Air handler as “motor 1” or more precisely “Air Handler”. The upper level unit should be “AC2” with its associated Air handler “motor 2”


Good question… I don’t think these things are completely determinate in the Sense world, where they use machine learning to sort out power signatures. My experience indicates that a lot depends on ordering of learning. I originally was seeing behaviors similar to you, where one AC unit (downstairs) showed up as a single device, but the upstairs was detected as AC plus a motor. It might have been because the compresser and the furnace blower were more widely separated in the house wiring, or something else. After doing a reset, I set my thermostat to turn on the furnace blower for 5 min every hour. Each hourly fan/blower was detected as a motor/fan. A little later, each of the ACs was detected. Dowstairs was detected as a combined compresser/blower. Upstairs was detected as a combined compressor/blower, plus a separate 5 sec motor spike at the start of every AC cycle, that I needed to merge for the full power.


I have a similar experience with a hot tub & our heat pump. One of these things is not like the other…:blush:. I wish I could tell Sense which is which…but the data scientists (hey I have a PhD too…ok, chemistry) have to do it for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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