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I have a mitsubishi “mr slim” split system heat pump which failed to be recognized however, I seem to get what seems to be accurate power information identified as “other”. What do I need to do in order to name it?
I have some other minor ID issues but overall quite happy with Sense system.


Many of us have been there, with significant loads included in “Other” until they were eventually detected.

You can’t name something until it’s detected as a device, perhaps Motor 1 in your case, unless they have a specific model for heat pumps that recognizes yours eventually.

“Other” may be dominated by your heat pump, as mine has been by a component of my HVAC system, but it will include other devices not yet detected by Sense.

It is clear from my detection experiences that Sense will have isolated a device and be refining / confirming its characterization of it for many weeks before you get the “Sense has found…” message. Quite impressive.

So the best fix for this issue is waiting.

How long have you had Sense installed?


Good morning and thanks Dave,

I have had Sense for about 7 months. I guess I will be in for a long wait before it gets recognized. I only use the heat pump when temperatures go above 35f or so. Most of my heating is from my wood stove, if the temps are above mid-thirties wood heat gets the house too warm.

I use the HVAC to cool the house when the weather turns hot and muggy, It will run more frequently and hopefully become recognized.

And yes …. Sense is pretty impressive.

Thanks again for your informative message,



It’s possible, no probable, that Sense will recognize the compressor and circulating fan separately, which you can then combine as HVAC.

Assuming your heat pump is also your HVAC external unit with a changeover valve, I’m curious if Sense will pick up that it has two modes. We’ll have to wait and see I guess!


Hi Dave,

Yup wait and see…. I will let you know, that is if I remember. The thing is that this system is fairly high tech, compressor/blower/fan are run through an inverter meaning that these are DC components. This will be interesting indeed. Maybe I will contact Sense support and see what they say.



The mini split heat pumps have been brought up with them before a few times and is a recognized difficult-to-identify item due to the characteristics you stated. Not saying they’ll never get there, but it’s known to be a tough one since there is really no unique profile for these complex units. They can look like anything at different points in their cycles.


Thank you for your interest and reply. I figured it would be difficult to ID due to the unique power signature. I may present this to tech support and see what they have to say. I understand inverter technology, due to its efficiencies’ in being implemented into other products as well …… refrigerators for one.

Thanks agn,


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