Upgrading to Inverter Heat Pump

I will be installing a MrCool Universal 5 ton DIY which has a inverter. Has Sense made any advancement in detection of inverter and split systems. I already used the add on flex sensors for my dryer and pool pump since Sense never was able to detect them. Since heating/cooling energy use is very important to me what are my options? It would at least be beneficial if Sense develops a new sense clamp with more than two clamps or work with Kasa to have a 240v sensor for dryer and pool pumps.

I installed Sense 2 weeks ago, and it discovered my Mitsubishi inverter mini split heat pump within one week. So far it seems pretty accurate, but there are still moments where I have Other wattage that might be related to some component of the heat pump.

Yup, Sense absolutely needs additional 240v capability, and the idea that the Solar nodes can be used ignores the fact that many (perhaps most) Sense customers are also solar users. I’ve been lobbying for almost three years now for a wire in 240v module (like a Kasa but with no plug/socket) that has sufficient capacity to handle the 240v systems power that Sense strands.

So far, ZERO response…wonder what they are thinking…if anything???

I’ve got a Mitsubishi Mini Split system and I’ve had my Sense monitor for 2 years. It seems to have detected some of the internal blowers (there are 4) and some part of the external inverter but definitely doesn’t get the full picture. Seems much of it seems to be stuck in my “always on.”