Sense Detection 2 devices as 1

When my Sewage pump and Sub pump turns on Sense detects it as the same device when it is 2 different pumps. Is there a way to separate them?

Thanks in advance

Hi @mmast90, and welcome to the community!

Sorry for the troubles here. Similar motors can be particularly hard to Sense to distinguish between, but over time it will get better, and hopefully separate these two out as individual devices. We may have an integration that could help with this later this year, so keep an eye out for that. I’ll try and remember to update this thread when that becomes available.

In the meantime, there isn’t a way to manually separate them. However, you can send a “Device is Not On” report whenever this happens through the Device Details>Manage Tab of the iOS/Android apps. While this doesn’t immediately change anything in the algorithms, those reports are immensely helpful to our data science team when they’re trying to refine models.

Does that help you? I’ll be away from the office for the next few days, but our Community Manager, @RyanAtSense will be back online on Monday and can check in, and you can always submit a ticket with our support team at to get more information and help.

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for your support!

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