Well Pump Detection


I just installed the sense about a week ago and it is chugging along detecting different devices. So far it has detected my garage door opener, a few motors I am still trying to figure out, a well pump and a normal pump.

The question I have is about the pump and the well pump. From my testing, both of those seem to be the well pump. Sometimes when I run the well pump, I see pump as on, other times I see pump and well pump on. I am confident they are both the well pump. Does anyone know why this is happening? I have merged the two devices, but I am just curious why it is detected as two pumps? The well sits on a 240v 20A circuit.



Have a look at the wattage it’s reporting, and the wattage prescribed on the device itself (it may be on/near the serial number tag, for example). It’s very possible it’s relegating each leg to its own device. That happened with my heat pump for a few months, then it eventually picked up the entire run, both legs, at the same time.

I wish I could do that. The pump is submersible and in the well. I am guessing what you said is correct.

If you know the make/model (or even a guess) it should be available online :slight_smile:

i actually found a label on some equipment and it shows it is a 2HP motor, no model. After some google searches I found that the draw of the two pumps is about the same as a 2HP well pump. Should I merge them or will sense figure out they are the same thing?

I would merge them. You can always unmerge if you need to later.

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