Two devices detected for well pump


I’ve only had my Sense installed for a handful of days and part of my first batch of detected devices (ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ) were “Motor 2” (which I renamed to ‘Well Pump’) and “Pump”, which I found are related to my well pump.

Initially, having two devices sort of made sense to me… maybe…? The control box & an actual pump perhaps?

The motor control box shows the model as Franklin Electric 2801074915 & runs at 3/4hp & 230v, which Googles tells me is about 550 watts.

However, the on/off characteristics and average power consumption between those two devices is confusing me.

The average run time Sense records for “Well Pump” seems legit — about 30-45 seconds which is how long my well pump runs. Without fail, when my well pump kicks on, ol faithful “Well Pump” shows up as an active device.

On the other hand, the “Pump” device shows an average run time of 4+ minutes. The “Pump” device also usually shows as being on when my well pump isn’t running. I’ve even cut the power to my well pump breaker and the ‘Pump’ device still shows as active.

I’m almost certain there’s not some other mystery device running that is using a ton of water and consequentially causing my well pump to kick in at the same time.

Sometimes both of the devices show as running at the same time… sometimes sort of independently. But they do seem to run around the same time based on recordings from IFTTT:

Sometimes when “Well Pump” is running, it shows it’s using about 700 watts… and other times about 1400 watts.

Here is one instance where it shows the average consumption is 700 watts, but is actively using 1400 watts:

The “Pump” device shows an average consumption around 1400 watts which makes me think something with Sense is goofing:

One other quirk I noticed while watching the “Well Pump” device screen: after it cut off, I switched over to the “Pump” device which showed as being off for 52 minutes (see the screenshot just above). Then when I switched back to the “Well Pump” which had just cut off a few seconds ago, the ‘Off for’ stat was mirroring the ‘Pump’ device:


So that was a long and confusing bit of text but hoping someone followed along and can help make sense of my confusion.


So no one responded to this at all? My dishwasher shows up as two devices which is not helping me with knowing when the dishes are done at all. Were you able to work this out at all?


This must be a common problem with 240V motor loads. After 2 months, Sense finally detected my 5,000 watt 240 V heat pump which runs at least once an hour in winter - go Sense! But the wattage shown is only about half of what the HP is using, the rest shows up in Other. I am hoping that Sense has enough sense to realize that two loads that start at the very same time and end at the same time might actually be associated with a single piece of equipment. I will wait patiently while Sense figures this out. Wish I could just give it a hint but I guess that is against the AI rules of how a machine has to learn.