1/2 pool pump showing?

Sense found my 1HP pool pump - yea!! But it appears to be only 1/2 the load. When the pump comes on it shows a 720w bubble, but an equal “other” bubble shows up with similar. Is there a way to get this to read as one 1500w load?

Just let it keep learning from that detection and in my experience, they eventually pickup the other leg. Could be days or weeks. Patience is tough

Thanks - patience it is.

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Mine does that with my EV every now and then but seems to be getting better and haven’t seen it do that in about a week. Every time i noticed it did this i ended up going to the device setting and used the report a problem link and stated that it was detecting my EV but was only detecting one phase.

You will likely run into this with many 240 devices. I have many detections on 240 and only one (heat pump) that picked up both legs from the beginning.
When it does finally grab the other leg I suggest going to the first detection and using the “merge” option so they get grouped together. This will give you a more accurate look at the usage of the device.
Take my oven and stove burners, there are 6 separate detections for it and I’ve merged them all into a device I’ve named “Range”. Now I can see what the use is for the device as a whole.

Sense found 1/2 my pool pump too. Never found the other side of it. It also confused it with my AC compressor’s first stage. It eventually lost the 1/2 that it found and stopped reporting. I’ve since replaced the pump with a variable speed pump. Now it uses 160 watts instead of 1600.

My pool pump ran for a whole summer without detection. It was on a timer and ran from noon till 6PM everyday. You think Sense could be smart enough to detect something this regular, but no. Wish we could add a device like this ourselves!

As noted above in this thread, 240V devices can be tough to totally nail. The recent AskSense goes into this, based on a question by @samwooly1. In short, we detect each leg separately, so it’s basically like trying to find two devices.

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