Pool pumps detection

"It’s killing me that sense has not detected my pool pump. It runs every day from 8AM to 3PM and uses about 2300 watts. It seems that this hasn’t been improved over the last three years, when will users be able to help identify obvious devices in their house?

Single speed or variable speed pump? I have 2 pool pumps and sense was able to pick up the single speed pump.

Single Speed Pentair 2HP pump. Pretty standard issue.

I fully understand you in my case it took sense about 4 months to detect my hayward Pool pump but it finally did it

Didn’t detect mine at all last summer.

I got sense towards end of summer but it managed to detect my booster pump (Polaris pb4sq). Hoping it will pick up the main pump when summer comes around again

I hope my pumps get picked up next year because the AC and pool pump account for 2/3 of my yearly power usage.

Hey @slac101 - do you currently have Sense Solar or are you using Flex Sensors for 400A/Generator integrations? If not, I’d recommend installing Flex Sensors for both of these loads (if possible).

Hi @JustinAtSense. I have sense solar. I’ll wait till next summer to see if Sense can find the pumps. I’ll probably update the controller box to have wifi.

I used a HS110 on mine for a couple months and then Sense detected it on the backside of the plug. So I had two detections for the same device. One thing I recommend is instead of having the timer come on just once a day, break the pump time up to multiple on/off segments

That is good advice to have the pump come on and off multiple times each day in order to get sense to “detect” it, but I really want the Sense team to look into working on this so that it is natively detected or more importantly consider adding something to the UI so that advanced users can help the Machine Learning identify these known loads.

Have you reached out to support?

Sense has not recognized my pool pumps in well over two years at this house. I started with a single speed Pentair pump that I think was 2HP and a smaller Polaris booster pump. Had these for a year and it never found them. Then I switched out the big pump for an Intellipro inverter variable speed pump and it has not found that nor has it found the Polaris pump. The fact that it can’t find the single speed booster pump in over 2 years is crazy in my view.