Variable Speed Pool Pump


I have a variable speed pool pump which is a major contributor to my daily energy utilization, however Sense has not detected this major energy consumer. Pools are very common so I would imagine I am not alone here. I would assume that a variable speed pool pump has a more complicated energy pattern then a fixed speed pump but is this really beyond its ability?


I have a similar concern with my heat pump, which has a variable outdoor compressor and two variable indoor units. I’m sure this will be tricky to detect, but I would surely appreciate it.


I also have a variable speed pool pump which has yet to be detected. I have it set to run at only 2 speeds during the day. It runs at a higher speed early in the day then drops to a slower speed in the afternoon and shuts off at night.


mine isn’t variable, constant speed and it still hasn’t been detected. i’ve been turning it off and on a lot more to see if that helps. i think the problem is as pressure builds up it uses more power to pump so it’s never the same energy usage.


I have almost the same setup but I keep my pump running all night at its slowest speed. The only thing I’ve noticed is that sense has upped my always on and I get that but the other 2 speeds come on and off very consistently. I was hoping because of that it would be found relatively quickly like a heater, the system finds them lightning fast.


We’ve had Sense for 1-1/2 years now, and no luck ever with variable speed pool pump. Reports as either always on or unknown. Off for 15 minutes every morning, two different speeds during the day, and very low speed overnight. Always changes at the same time every day.