Can anything be done to detect my pool pumps?

Sense Team and ALL,

Can anything be done to detect my pool pumps?

It’s been well over a year and my pool pumps have still not been detected!

Yes they are variable speed and so I well. Understand when it is In low Power mode it not Being detected or measured properly…

My issue Is that every single day tt switches into full power mode and runs for several hours before it turns off and then starts up again the next morning in low power mode…

Aside from the schedule I have also used it manually many times on and Aside from the schedule I have also used it manually many times on and off at full speed and still no detection.

I’ve been on and off the forum and i’ve been mentioning this From time.

Looking forward to any suggestions or updates please.

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Variable speed motors are almost never detected by Sense.

Most people use an add on CT to monitor them through DCM.

There is a new upgraded version of the Wiser version of the Sense monitor (with load control) that can integrate with some Square D panels using relays. Though I have yet to see anyone using them yet.

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One thing to try - look at the behavior of your pool pump in the phone/tablet app Power Meter (not the web app). See if it is labeling the on and off transitions of your pool pump with tagged transition values. Tagging doesn’t guarantee that Sense will detect, but if Sense isn’t tagging or is only tagging on and not off, or if the values are very different, detection is unlikely and you’ll have a better idea of why.

Joe, I’m having the exact same issue. My sense has been installed almost two years now. We also have a variable speed pentair motor running out pool and is on a daily schedule. For almost two years, I’ve been trying to get my pool identified. Every day I see it turn on and a huge spike in my power that is immediately added to the “other” category. I do however have the pool controller identified (turns on exactly at pool start time and off at pool off time), but it’s only 45w. No way in heck that’s the motor

@ParadisRandy , might be worth trying what I suggested to @joesantanapersonal - look the main Power Meter in the phone app when the pool pump is turning on and off. Does Sense tag the on off waveforms with number values ? That’s a good indicator of whether the huge spike is visible to Sense. If the ramp is too slow (4-5 seconds) or multi-staged it might fall outside the realm of visibility for instant detection.

FWIW, In my case I was able to address this by using HomeAssistant to tie the Pentair and Sense together using Kasa emulation.

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Can you explain how you set this integration up? I have a similar need.

I use the HomeAssistant Pentair ScreenLogic integration to talk to the pool equipment and the Emulated Kasa integration to provide the information to Sense.

The yaml config looks like this (XX_XX_XX is your Pentair ID):

       name: "Pool Pump"
       name: "Edge Pump"
       name: "Spa Jets"
       power: 2325

The variable speed pumps (Pool & Edge) report their current watts. The Spa Jets pump is fixed speed and does not report current watts, so it’s hard coded. Sense eventually found the Spa Jets, so this one isn’t really necessary, but it’s a little more accurate this way.