Pool pump detected and not

Hi there, for some unknown reason my sense see that my pool pump is starting in the morning but seem to think it turn off after a few minutes. In reality my pump is set to run from morning to the evening. From what I can see, the power consumption for the pool pump seem to be transfer in the Other group. Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?

is it a single speed pump or a dual/variables speed one?

It is a dual pump with dual speed

I wish I could get it to detect my single speed pump. Period.

Hey @chabot_eric - welcome to the Sense community!

It looks like Sense has detected one of the two speeds your pool pump operates at. Sense may detect the second speed in the future, at which time you can merge the devices in Sense if you’d like.

If you aren’t already using Sense with Solar, 400A split-service or Generator capabilities, I’d recommend using Dedicated Circuit Monitoring to immediately detect up to 2 120V or 240V breakers in your panel.

I made a mistake in my previous post, my pool pump is a single pump with full speed only. I got confuse with my spa that has two pumps with two speed each however the spas detection is an other problem for an other post I guess. So back to the pool pump, are there any reasons why Sense would think that my pump has stop and transfert it’s consumption to the Other group?
Thank you

Hey @chabot_eric - there are a few reasons this would happen.

Typically, I recommend leaving the detected device alone for a few weeks and seeing if detection becomes more accurate. After a few weeks, if it’s still pretty sporadic, I recommend deleting the device and waiting for Sense to re-detect it (hopefully with a more accurate detection.)
Additionally, the solution I mentioned earlier (via Dedicated Circuit Monitoring) would be an immediate solution for your pool pump as long as it’s the only device on the breaker in your panel.