How many different devices are associated with your refrigerator / dryer /washing machine?


I am still trying to identify a lot of misc motors and loads. I have an unidentified load that is ~255 watts that is on for 1 hour a day. I also have an identified heating element that is on for about 2 seconds once or twice a day. At this point I am thinking they are part of my refrigerator ice maker which is on the door and separated from my freezer section.

This would additional to the “refrigerator” device that had previously been discovered.

For my washing machine. I have at least two unknown motors that seem to be associated with washing machine usage but not always.

My dryer was discovered but now when the dryer is on sense no longer sees the load as a dryer and is back to unknown. I also think there are at least two separate loads… one for the heating element and one for the motor to spin the dryer.

What is everyone else seeing?


I have both a refrigerator AND a refrigerator light.
I have “dryer motor” and "dryer heating element"
I have “Unknown motor 7” which spikes at 1500 watts for 2 seconds, which I think is my propane furnace ignition.
My “heat pump” has been identified, but the “house fan” that runs with it (and with propane) was identified separately, but only for the propane use.

so, what you are seeing is ‘normal’, but less than ideal… I would think.


The dish washer is at least 4: I have Washer 1/4, Washer 2/4, Washer 4/4. There is a phase between 2/4 and 3/4 where the washer is definitely on, but it’s not detected yet.

The Furnace also shows up as two devices (at least), and we got two furnaces…


12 days in, and success with microwave, one coffeemaker, fridge, and one garage door (but not the other 2 garage doors). An entry originally identified as Heat 2 is triggered by any one of the following appliances: oven, a separate coffeemaker, iron, and dryer. Of course, there are times the dryer is running, but maybe not actively heating; during those periods there is a large Unknown signal. Basically most heating elements are identified as a single entry, my dryer is mostly Unknown, as is my heat pump.


@cabaker: Are your garage door motors the same make and model? In my case they are and Sense sees them both as a single device. I reported it to support and they confirmed that it is a bug. If yours are the same make and model, you may want to report to tech support to help them track it down.


I am new with only 6 devices detected after a week or so. One is a mystery to me, Motor 1. The mystery is: (a) it only cycles between 9pm and 11pm; (b) it cycles EVERY day; © its cycles are 1-2 minutes on, similar off, then on cycles again. I have no idea what this Motor could be. It is not the two refrigerators, the freezer, nor the water well pump. It is not a VFD. Its average power is 842 watts.


Can you post a screenshot of the devices behavior? Several users (not me) are pretty quick to identify them by the signatures.


Will try to do so here:


I’ve only had sense for about ten days and it has detected ten devices. Some are correct and some are a mystery. I had worried about it detecting a high efficiency washer after reading it was troublesome and could be identified as several devices. This is not what happened with me, about 8 or 9 days in, it correctly detected the washer and I was both impressed and surprised. The HE Front loads fluctuate wildly in watts used during any cycle. It takes more power to spin the drum when it’s heavier and where it fills and drains with water, it changes many times. Add to that the spin cycles of which I have four speeds. As far as I can tell sense has this one nailed done without any input from me with merging.