More than 2 Years with Sense, still mediocre device detection - hard reset?

I have had my sense for more than 2 years. It has never really mastered detection of some very simple devices. Some it finds easily and accurately, some it finds over and over again abandoning old “finds”. I have spent 2 years tweaking it and trying to improve it but I feel like it will not get better. Do you think a hard reset and starting from scratch might be useful?

noel… Seeing the same thing here… Been around 3 years here and have not seen what I would like to see. Sorry can’t help you on the reset question. My frig is the big thing I would like to see. I get a hit now and then but not reliable. All I can say… Later…Gerry

I have the same question. Over two years and I’m always merging the same devices once it detects it again. It has never detected my oven, wine refrigerators, and other fairly common items. It doors detect my A/C systems but sometimes forgets and finds them again. Thought about a hard reset, even starting over as I hasn’t seen much change in over a year. Love the concept though and want to make it better however I can!

If you don’t mind giving up the old data - which it sounds like might not be useful - then a full reset wouldn’t hurt anyway. What I can report is that I am in the same boat as you - some things detected easily, others not so much, and really I don’t feel like it has accurately detected/monitored my bigger items: multi-stage heat pump with variable motor and multi-stage electric auxilary heat; water heater; multiple refrig/freezers; and an electric stove with 5 burners and 2 ovens. I did contact support once about finding multiple water heaters and they were able to do some checking into the data and helped clean/merge, but either my water heater is fantastically more efficient than it should be or something isn’t right.

Every month I get an email from my local energy company saying I’m using WAAY more electricity than comparable homes in my area (whatever that means) and MASSIVELY more than “efficient” homes - but nothing has helped me identify the heavy users.

I have done a number of hard resets to experiment and determine if I can influence the detection rate. While I can, ultimately it ends up not really being worth it as speeding up detection of minimally used devices didn’t really help me save any money or build any automations around it. It is fun though to see lots of devices in the Sense app though :slight_smile:

Are you looking to get a specific device detected or just want more devices in general?

How many devices have been detected so far and do you have any smart plugs to help track things Sense has trouble finding?

For reference, I am currently sitting at 44 “devices” but 20 of those are from smart plugs.

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I like many others gave up and went to plan B, which is detailed in the thread here:

I have a chest freezer and really wanted to keep tabs on it’s usage. With the help of a smart plug and the thread above, I can now see it. The really surprising outcome of that exercise is that the signature of that freezer “should be” about as easily detectable by sense as possible - here’s a view of the power meter for just the freezer.

3+ years using sense, and it never found this. Glad I moved on to plan B!

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Wow! That definitely seems like it should be easily picked up by Sense’s algorithms. I have a chest freezer myself that was detected twice. Once when it was in the garage and again when it was moved to the basement. Different legs I assume. I merged the two detections into one device.

Hmm, I wonder…do you guys recall how many devices you have deleted in these 2+ years?

I decided to just do it. I reset my meter today and invested in a bunch of sense plugs. Too bad they won’t work for things like my variable speed pool pump which Sense never figured out. Anyway, I may start a new thread to give my take on hard reset and smart plugs. I bought the Kasa plugs and have one on every major appliance used frequently that Sense never figured out and a few that it had figured out.


On your Pool VPS side - depending on if you have connectivity otherwise I solved that using Senselink as well. It’s not perfect, IE if it’s on a faster speed in another mode it won’t adjust, but my pump runs 95% of the time at the same speed so I hard linked the wattage into SenseLink, using the iAqualink integration into HomeAssistant. It’s helped reporting immensely. Here’s a shot of the after -

Even though it might not capture a higher speed, ie if we turn on the pool cleaner which spins up the VSP, the integration still knows the pump is running so reports the base load, which deducts from “other”

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Ouch, I would have definitely told you NOT to do it. I have found NO benefit from removing old data. I reset a year ago after installing a solar system that involved a massive rewiring of my breaker panel thus invalidating much of what Sense knew. But after 13 months I don’t have all the devices back, and 4 months of construction has resulted in Sense finding all the worker’s equipment. I really look forward to the day that Sense can track the usage of my hot tub, and when my Tesla charges, but in the mean time I just take advantage of what it does see.

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So far one day after reset or so it is starting to detect again. Will see how it goes. What is “Senselink” by the way?

Info on Senselink:

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