Decided to DATA reset

I have been very fortunate with good detections. Especially in the first 3 to 4 months when I had around 45 Sense native detections of varying reliability. I’be deleted around 20 so far at different times due to them being unreliable or never showing up again.
The major detections I wanted like the HVAC, water heater, floor heater and range were always very solid but lately I’m having some trouble.
I had a fridge and a freezer that would get conflated with each other and I added another fridge that really threw things off. A lot of smaller devices like garage door openers, never were detected.
Sense hasn’t been terrible but has lost a lot of reliability lately with quite a few devices.
I wanted to do a factory reset instead of a DATA reset because I’m not sure remnants of old DATA won’t follow and the factory reset deletes the entire account.
My question is mainly for those that have done one or both reset options.
Did the DATA reset seem to have carry over?

If both were done, did one seem to work better than the other?

I didn’t have to do a reset and it’s possible that Sense would have figured things out. My curiosity won the day so here I go again.

One thing I immediately notice is that Sense has retained the WIFI network and password. So it for sure doesn’t delete all DATA.


Enjoy the adventure…

Just did a reset last week after getting 2nd Solar system with battery which required remapping of my load center. Had to get CT extension cabling and call back my electrician and after some time with customer service it’s all back operating. The HS110 sensors connected in less than 24 hours but I’ve not had any success with the standard Sense device detection yet. I’ll let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed.


Will be anxious to here your results.
I ha e 2 each HS110’s and HS300’s.
None have been detected yet. Bet I need to check my settings

Well that didn’t take very long after posting my comments! Any conspiracy theorists out there. Nonetheless, I’m very happy to see 4 new Sense detection! Now I’ll try to figure out if they are correct and which devices they represent. That was pretty fast detection!

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Just had to mention this…the light it found above…is the refrigerator light when I open the door! I’d love to know why this signal is perfect/ compatible with the Sense algorithm? Anyway; found it!

If that’s a screenshot of the light in action, then it is a good fit because it is an incandescent, using 200W or so. Simple physics and big enough to get noticed.

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My fridge light was detected before. Drove me nuts to see it come on a thousand times a month or how the door had to be opened by the wife and kids five times for a glass of juice

It IS an excellent way to know if someone is home!

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Not just “if” for me.
Before I reset, I could tell exactly who was and was not home.

Little update: those 4 detections turned out to be 2 real & 2 old devices I’ll have to delete (again). I’ll be curious how long it takes to recognize my home’s heat pump & Eva again…

My heat pump was detected in 3 days. Before the reset on the first time around, it was detected a couple weeks in. This new detection for it is actually two detections. If I have it set so the fan comes on with the compressor, Renata one detection. If the fan is on continuously then it’s the second detection.
When naming, I’ve placed one in the “heat” category where the name “heat pump” is available. The second one I ha e placed in the “cooling” category also as “heat pump” which sense had named “A/C”.
You’d think they could get the category in better shape. A heat pump provides both heating and cooling. Naming the category “HVAC” and being able to choose from the current list of items in both their categories seems like a simple and much more logical way to do it.

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Four days after reset and nine detections so far.

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Thanks for documenting this. When my Solar gets provisioned soon and I reinstall the Sense I’ll be doing the same.


18 days since reset

Have a total of 25 detections with 13 being smart plugs.

Total active, native Sense detections 12

There has been one combined and zero deleted thus far.

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Less than a month after reset and 17 native Sense detections. I have 30 total with 13 being smart plugs.

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Is there any reason to NOT let the Sense know about the Smart Plugs until after detecting the devices that are plugged into them? I feel the Fridge and the Coffee Maker never showed up the first time when the Kasa was detecting them for the Sense. This time I have not turned on integration so it’s show as always on or other. I could turn on the Kasa, but I do worry the detection for those devices may be hampered.

I personally don’t use smart plugs for devices that have a chance of being detected natively. Both fridges and coffee makers Sense can detect on its own.
When you use a smart plug, Sense does not try to detect anything plugged into them. I’m not sure about that if you don’t have integration enabled.
I would use those smart plugs elsewhere and see if Sense finds your fridge and coffee maker.

Two months and I’m pretty much back to where I was before the reset. The curious things that haven’t been found vs previously found are all low current items like LED bathroom and kitchen lighting. Still waiting for my car to be detected (even as an unknown device) and the pool pump which comes on every day at the same early-AM time. I would say it is-what-it-is now and I’d that’s all I get then I’ll consider it a curious and somewhat interesting experiment. Happy I did it but between my Tesla app and the future of new load-center with WiFi enabled circuit breakers I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone going forward. Hope your doing well with your reset.


Sounds like our results are similar. I’m also back to having the same devices for the most part but they are nowhere near as reliable this time. I have several detections that are triggered by up to three devices instead of having their own dedicated detections.